Hello, I'm Bony Mathew, a Technology Analyst focusing on IT Audit and Information Security. Previously I was a Network Analyst for Bank of America Merrill Lynch; where I focused on improving Merrill’s firewall environment by R&A of databases and auditing them. I lead reconditioning of network topology diagrams using tools such as Mapper in order to better mitigate network problems in the future. I was also responsible for auditing and reviewing routers, switches and firewall tickets and discover discreptancies within the infrastructure, to reduce downtime.

On the weekends, I find time to design websites, creative photography, visit new local restaurents in Charlotte and obsessing over my corgi. I also enjoy traveling, self education, hiking and working out. I am a problem solver, technologist, photographer, designer and a thinker looking to take on one challenge at a time.

Happy Employers_

I've worked for some great corporate companies

Bank of America
Wells Fargo
Peak 10
U.S. Air Force

What I Offer_

These are the skills I'm most proud of

Interface Design

To provide a good interface, I must understand the users needs. That is why I investigate projects systematically with stakeholders and constantly iterate designs.

Visual Design

I rely heavily on graphic design to support how the user is going to interact with the product. An aesthetically appealing site could make or break usability.

Front End Development

I believe in well organized CSS files, semantic HTML, and pixel perfection. This can only be achieved by a front-end developer who understands design.

Corporate Identity

While designing, I always adhere to corporate and brand guidelines, but at the same time, evolving and pushing limits to stay on the cutting edge.

Problem Solving

Strong interpersonal skills from the U.S. Military, previous experiencefrom Wells Fargo, Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Peak 10.


With leadership experience from U.S. Military & Special Forces. Passionate in learning and leveraging new business technologies to unite/protect end users and company needs.

Some Facts_

Why I love design

Design allows me to speak any language. Solving problems through type, space, and image is the most universal way to communicate. It's everything and anything.

Why I love coffee

When I sip coffee, I ponder the delicate process it took to get from a bean to my cup. From the growing, harvesting, processing, roasting, and brewing, it's truly miraculous.

Charlotte is my life

My culture and personality have been greatly influenced by living in North Carolina. My biggest inspirations happen on Lake Norman's beautiful waterfront.

Say Hello_

If you have a question, I'll answer

Every end is a new beginning_

Thank you spending time here, I’m always interested in exchanging insights about design and life, helping others grow, or exploring cool opportunities. If any of these resonate with you, let’s talk!

Bony Mathew